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About Us

Flooring Installation & Maintenance Specialists


Avid Flooring - Leading Flooring Contractors

Avid Flooring is a leading Flooring Contractor based in Bristol. We operate throughout the UK, but predominantly serve the South West area. Avid Flooring has a team of fully certified professionals, who tackle everything from complex large fit out projects, to small reactive maintenance works.

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Client Relationships

A crucial aspect of our business is client relationships, in which we aim to establish trust, loyalty, and long-term partnerships with the people we work with. Effective communication, a personalised service and a commitment to meeting our customers needs and expectations, has enabled us to build and maintain strong client relationships. This has in turn led to client retention and recommendations, which has helped grow our business.


As a business, we take our responsibilities seriously in terms of the environmental impact our business activities may have, implementing strategies to mitigate potential risks and harms. This includes recycling waste and using environmentally friendly materials, where possible.

Our Mission

Maintaining Integrity In All Aspects Of Our Business Operations.

To provide high-quality and innovative flooring solutions that meet the unique needs and preferences of our customers, while exceeding industry standards in terms of durability, functionality and aesthetics.


We aim to deliver exceptional customer service, foster long-lasting relationships, as well as inspiring creativity in our clients' design choices.


Our mission is to continue to be, and build upon, our current position as a leading flooring company, by continuously pushing the boundaries of flooring technology, collaborating with industry experts and maintaining integrity in all aspects of our business operations.

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