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Pubs & Hospitality

Bar Interior

The choice of flooring in pubs and hospitality establishments is crucial for creating a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere, while also withstanding high foot traffic and potential spills. 


Flooring in pubs and restaurants plays a crucial role in setting the ambiance and enhancing the overall dining or socialising experience. It must withstand heavy foot traffic, spills and frequent cleaning while complementing the establishment's decor and theme. A popular choice is luxury vinyl tiles, which offer durability and easy maintenance. Carpeting, though less common due to its susceptibility to stains and odours, can provide warmth and acoustic benefits in certain areas. Slip-resistant surfaces are essential, especially in areas prone to spills or where patrons may be walking with drinks. Safety flooring is also crucial in food preparation areas. Additionally, the choice of flooring can contribute to the establishment's atmosphere, with cozy carpets and rich wood tones creating a traditional pub feel, while sleek tiles or polished concrete lend a contemporary vibe to restaurants. Ultimately, the flooring in pubs and restaurants must strike a balance between practicality, aesthetics and creating a welcoming environment for patrons to enjoy their dining or socialising experience.

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